In many shops and on internet you can buy an airconditioning unit and get some discount in the list price. Estaenergia as a company can obtain higher discount somewhat depending on mark and model. For the discount Estaenergia obtain we will include the following services:

  • Estaenergia advice you regarding unit to buy suitable for your actual need
  • Estaenergia transport the unit to your flat/house
  • Estaenergia install the unit in a professional way
  • Estaenergia give you 2 years guarantee on the unit
  • Estaenergia come back and do service on the unit after 1 year

You only pay the official list price, or less, that you can find in catalogs from producers of airconditioning units.

We are not promoting one specific mark but can supply from any producer the unit that suit your need best depending on factors that are most important for you:

  • Capacity
  • Price
  • Efficiency
  • Noice
  • Design
  • Remote control solution
  • Additional features

In the following we show you list prices for some split 1×1 and multisplit units.

Often used capasities Model Cooling/Heating Price
2.500 Watt TX25KN 2,5/2,8 kW 645 €
3.500 Watt TX35 KN 3,3/3,5 kW 695 €
Often used capasities Model Cooling/Heating Price
2.500 Watt 25 UI-LLCC 2,5/3,0 kW 660 €
3.500 Watt 35 UI-LLCC 3,4/4,0 kW 744 €
Often used capasities Model Cooling/Heating Price
2.500 Watt MSZ-DM25VA 2,5/3,15 kW 699 €
3.500 Watt MSZ-DM25VA 3,15/3,6 kW 749 €

Estaenergia deliver 1×1 units with higher capacity (7.000 watt) and we deliver:

  • Multisplit units where the same outer units supply several inner units. We do not recommend to exceed four to one.
  • Conductors, where air channels is hidden under the ceiling. Estaenergia can perform all work with concealing the channels.
  • Cassetes can be installed flat in the ceiling where Estaenergia can perform all installation including the final finishing.


For larger 1×1 units and all other units we can give some extra discount on the list prices depending on mark, type of equipment, extra material and work involved with the installation.